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Accurate & Complete Electrical Safety Services

Studies, audits, & training done right, the first time. 

Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Arc Flash Studies

Electrical Safety Training


The Lurking Threat: Electrical Hazards

Electricity is essential for every organization to function. However, it's easy to forget or neglect electrical hazards in your facility. When that happens, electricity can become your worst enemy.


In an instant, hazardous electrical energy can strike, leading to extreme financial and worker losses. 

Electricity can cause major problems at your facility:

Damaged equipment

OSHA fines & litigations

Expensive workers' comp claims

Long production down times

A damaged brand reputation

Electrical Safety professionals

Keep Your Electrical Hazard Risks Low

With so much at stake, you deserve a trusted safety provider who executes accurate and complete electrical safety services for maximum results.

Identify your facility's current electrical hazards

Apply accurate arc flash hazard labels

Obtain detailed one-line system diagrams

Stay compliant with NFPA 70E & OSHA

Train & educate workers on electrical hazards

Watch this video to see our team in action!

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Accurate & Complete

Electrical Safety Services

Arc flash assessments, electrical safety training, and lockout tagout programs for manufacturers, hospitals, universities, food processing plants, and more.

Step 1: Choose a Premium Service

Arc Flash Risk Assessment Report
Online safety training on a laptop screen
Lockout Tagout Program Report
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Arc Flash Study

Collecting data across your electrical systems, identifying the present hazards, and applying Herzig Labels for correct worker PPE.

Electrical Safety Training

In-person or online self-paced NFPA 70E training covering shocks, burns, amputations, lockout tagout, and more.

Lockout Tagout Procedures

Conducting gap analysis, building your procedures, and applying tags and locks across your machines and assets.

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Step 2: Add Booster Services (Optional) 

Infrared Thermography Survey Booster

Infrared Thermography Survey

Detecting electrical issues using thermal imaging technology.

Written Electrical Safety Program

Written Electrical Safety Program

Custom-written electrical safety plans per facility for LOTO, electrical safety, and more.

Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit

An assessment of your workers, PPE, and equipment to identify risks.

Preventative Maintenance Review Booster Service

Preventative Maintenance Review

A review of your electrical equipment to ensure low risk of equipment failure.

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Step 3: Keep Compliant & Safe

Electrical Equipment Maintenance Standards

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standards for safe electrical installations

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healthy working conditions

electrical safety in the workplace

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Trusted By Safety Leaders Worldwide

Choosing a safety partner is a huge decision, and we get it! A lot can go wrong with the dangers of electricity. That's why safety leaders worldwide trust us as their preferred electrical safety partner.

"When I see Herzig's labels at one of my facilities, I know we are in good hands. I have full confidence their work is accurate and complete."

Chris, CSP
Sr. EH&S Specialist

“I’ve worked with Herzig for many years now. I continue to come back to them even when I change careers. They truly are the safety experts.”

Global Health & Safety Leader

"Herzig Engineering was able to provide upfront pricing in a very quick turn around time and executed the process with a high standard of professionalism.”

Director of Electrical Engineering


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