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The Workplace Never Felt So Safe

We offer a suite of workplace safety training, analyses, and consulting to reduce the risk of electrical and energy hazards.

Arc Flash Analysis

Assessing your electrical systems and implementing safety measures to reduce the risk to employees of explosions.

LOTO Program

Helping you properly isolate, secure, and lockout  electrical, mechanical and other types of energy.

Electrical Safety Audit

An evaluation of your electrical safety programs, PPE, and team to identify deficiencies in your electrical safety practices.

Hazardous Area Audit

An evaluation of your electrical installations in hazardous areas and determining if the installation meets the exposed hazard.


Mock OSHA Audit

Assessing your safety program and team based on the commonly cited OHSA violations.


Infrared Inspection

Detecting and measuring heat patterns on electrical equipment, such as motors, transformers, and switchgears. 

NEC & Preventative Maintenance Audit

Assessing your electrical installation and maintenance practices to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failure.

Written Electrical Safety Program

Helping you define electrical safety policies and practices to reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities from working with electricity.

Onsite & Virtual Safety Training

Live safety training covering any of our workplace safety services.

A Workplace Safety Training Program

Self-paced training your workers can complete to stay compliant.


The Herzig Safety

Our team members are verified safety specialists (no rookies) 

We collect the most accurate safety data (no assumptions)

You'll get unbiased service and equipment advice (no upsells)

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