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Electrical Infrared (IR) Inspections

Turnkey Infrared Inspections in Kansas City, Missouri

Early Detection and Prevention

Corporate-Level Programs

Minimize Equipment Damage

Accurate & Complete

Herzig Engineering Infrared Services

Early detection through infrared inspections can help maintain the efficiency and safety of your operations, ultimately protecting both your assets and your people from unexpected setbacks.


Top Benefits

P.E. (Professional Engineer) Reviewed Reports

Stay compliant with your Insurance Company, OSHA & NFPA 70E/70B

Prevenative approach

Increased personnel safety and reduced risk of injuries

Protection of valuable electrical equipment

Corporate-Level Programs

Safety Compliance

Several insurance providers and safety regulations mandate periodic electrical inspections, with infrared technology being widely acknowledged as a reliable and effective approach.


Preventative Maintenance

By utilizing advanced infrared technology,

these inspections can detect anomalies and potential issues that are not visible to the naked eye. This allows for early intervention, helping to prevent expensive repairs and replacements.


Improve Safety & Reduce Risks

Infrared inspections minimize hazards associated with equipment failures or malfunctions, thereby ensuring a safer working environment and reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.


Corporate-Level Program

We specialize in corporate-level programs. These programs are designed to help most companies save

10%-20% while using our extensive nationwide network. You're investing in these services, so why not maximize your organization's potential?


Booster services deliverables not included above

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Trusted By Safety Leaders Worldwide

Choosing a safety partner is a huge decision, and we get it! A lot can go wrong with the dangers of electricity. That's why safety leaders worldwide trust us as their preferred electrical safety partner.

"When I see Herzig's labels at one of my facilities, I know we are in good hands. I have full confidence their work is accurate and complete."

Chris, CSP
Sr. EH&S Specialist


Years in the industry

“I’ve worked with Herzig for many years now. I continue to come back to them even when I change careers. They truly are the safety experts.”

Global Health & Safety Leader


Workers impacted

"Herzig Engineering was able to provide upfront pricing in a very quick turn around time and executed the process with a high standard of professionalism.”

Director of Electrical Engineering


Client retention rate

Things To Know

Commonly Ask Questions About Arc Flash 

What is an arc flash?

An arc flash study (i.e. arc flash hazard analysis or arc flash risk assessment) is an investigation done at a facility to identify potential arc flash hazards, assess the risk of severe injury, and guide the implementation of necessary protective measures to ensure electrical safety.

What is required for an arc flash study?

While no federal law in the United States mandates an arc flash study, certain regulations and standards indirectly necessitate it as an essential component of a comprehensive electrical safety program. Ensure compliance and prioritize safety with an arc flash study tailored to your facility's needs.

How are arc flash studies done?

The arc flash study process can be summerized into three steps:

  1. Gather electrical system data, including equipment specifications and configurations.

  2. Analyze fault currents and protective device coordination to calculate incident energy levels.

  3. Asess potential hazards, identify protective measures, and provide recommendations for risk mitigation.

How much does an arc flash study cost?

Arc flash studies can cost anywhere between $12,000 and $86,000 per facility. The price depends on a variety of factors including facility size, density of electrical equipment, age of the equipment, number of utility transformers, arc flash deliverables (equipment evaluation, coordination study, etc.), and more.

How long does an arc flash study take?

From data collection to deliverables in hand, an arc flash study realistically takes 9 to 16 weeks. This is for a facility size of 150,000 sq ft - 300,000 sq ft. If the density of electrical equipment is high and service add-ons are created (equipment evaluations, coordination studies, etc.), the process will take longer. 

How often is arc flash study required?

Arc flash studies must be reviewed for accuracy at intervals not exceeding five years or more frequently if significant changes occur within the electrical system or if there are updates to regulations or standards, according to the NFPA 70E, Article 130.5. Often times, updates are needed sooner due to equipment updates and changes. 

What's included in a arc flash study report? 

A typical arc flash study includes the following deliverables: an Arc flash risk analysis summary, single-line diagrams, arc flash labels, a mitigation study, a utility data report, and a fault contribution study. An equipment evaluation and coordination study are add-ons to the study option based on the facility. 

Does NFPA 70E require arc flash study?

Yes, the NFPA 70E does recommend conducting an arc flash risk assessment, which is essentially an arc flash study. The source for this information is the NFPA 70E standard itself, specifically Article 130.5.

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