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Helping Workers Go Home Safely

The Herzig team rallies around one mission: to help every worker return home safely.

A Found Love for All Things Science

1975 | A Young Bob Herzig Begins to Desire a Life Filled with Science

Enthralled with all things electrical, Bob Herzig loved science growing up. He continued his love by entering the 1977 Kansas City Science Fair, where his project took third place. There, he began to envision being involved in the scientific or electrical community for the rest of his life. 

Young Bob Herzig in a science lab
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The Founding of a Dream

1980 | Learning & Teaching Electrical Engineering Leads to a Business Idea

He continued his journey throughout the 1980-1990's by receiving his engineering degree and MBA, leading him to become an adjunct professor at the University of Kansas from 1994-2002. While still teaching classes, Bob decided to start Bob Herzig & Associates in 2000, a company devoted to product sales, consulting, and training in the electrical world.

Hard Times Lead to New Business

2003 | Tragic Events in the US Lead to a Possible Shortcoming

After the events of 9/11 shocked the world and halted business for the new company, Bob Herzig & Associates was not working out as Bob hoped it would. But in 2004, when the NFPA 70E started coming out with harsher regulations, he saw his opportunity to get the business back on its feet.

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The One Where They Change Their Name

2004 | Expanding Business Leads to a Need for a New Name

In 2004, the company began to take off with four new clients that paved the way for Arc Flash Studies. OSHA began searching for violations that businesses weren't ready for, and Bob saw the need for a slight adjustment to better suit the clientele. That adjustment came with a new name for the company and its expanding employee base: Herzig Engineering.

Expanding Across the Nation

2004 | The Growth of the Company Leads to a Need for More Space

With the desire to expand nationally, Bob acquired licensing in all 50 states to ensure he could service anyone who needed Herzig Engineering's services. Between 2004-2017, Herzig served more than 2,500 locations across the US. As employee numbers were expanding, Bob saw the need to give the company a larger space in 2018.

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A New Home

2019 | The Physical and Intangible Expansion of Herzig 

After turning an old indoor soccer arena into an office space, Herzig Engineering has become and continues to be a full-service electrical safety provider for companies worldwide. As much as Herzig has changed, there have been equally as many changes to our clientele, but Bob continues to keep meaningful relationships with new or familiar companies, with a goal of expanding to electrical and workplace safety within the next 10 years.

Current Herzig Engineering Head Quarters


To Help Workers Go Home Safely

We envision a world where electricians, mechanics, linemen, HVAC professionals, or any worker will go home safely 10 out of 10 times, for years to come, without any incidents. 

Worker with arms crossed at his chest


To Help 2,000,000 Workers by 2025

Lives are on the line. We want to reach as many workers as possible to keep them safe from electrical and energy hazards.

Worker measuring with a caliper
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Disaster could strike at any moment

Stop playing the “out of sight out of mind” game.

No more wondering if you’re compliant or not.

Give your employees a safe workplace.

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