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Herzig Leadership

The team dedicated to keeping your workplace safe

Bob Herzig


Jake Stansbury

VP of Operations

Kyle Smith

Director of Field Services

Ryan Miller

Senior Electrical Engineer

Bob Marshall

VP of Engineering

James Wininger

Electrical Data Analysis Manager

Matt Weiss


Sandy Scubelek

Lockout/Tagout Manager

Caitlyn Wininger

Training Programs Manager

Kurt Jackson

Project Manager

Merrell Young

Process Integrity Manager

Santiago Cardenas

Electrical Engineering Manager


To Help Workers Go Home Safely

We envision a world where electricians, mechanics, linemen, HVAC professionals, or any worker will go home safely 10 out of 10 times, for years to come, without any incidents. 


To Help 2,000,000 Workers by 2025

Lives are on the line. We want to reach as many workers as possible to keep them safe from electrical and energy hazards.

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