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Herzig Talent

We’ve handpicked our top workplace safety specialists to help you keep your workplace safe. 

Bob Herzig P.E.

Electrical Safety

Bob Herzig is the founder of Herzig Engineering. His 35 years of experience as a Professional Engineer has led him all over the world to work with clients to keep their workplace safe from electrical hazards.

Caitlyn Hetzel

NFPA 70E/Employee Training

Caitlyn is an electrical engineer and CESCP in Kansas City, MO. After starting her career at Herzig, she developed a fervor for educating people on electrical safety. Caitlyn spends her free time volunteering at the local animal shelter and an adaptive horseback riding center for individuals with disabilities. She is currently engaged to her fiancé, James, and is excited to marry her best friend and steadfast partner next year.

James Wininger

Codes & Standards (NEC, NFPA 70B,
IEEE 1584)/ Power System Studies

James is an Electrical Engineer in Kansas City, MO. After passing the PE Exam in October 2022, he aims to become a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in 2023. James takes a deep dive into understanding codes and standards, power system studies, and preventative maintenance practices and procedures to achieve a safer result. He believes that all workers can go home safely through an effective safety education which Herzig provides.

Quincy Wicker

OSHA Standards

Quincy is a University of Central Missouri graduate where he majored in Safety Management. His technical experience is in the General Industry and Insurance. With Quincy’s five years of safety experience, he has inspired and fortified an environment where safety is embraced and valued not only for Herzig clients but within the Herzig Team. Safety topics can often be delivered in ways that are hard to absorb or embrace, but Quincy delivers these topics with energy and excitement.

Sandy Scubelek

LOTO/Equipment Audits

Sandy is a Master Electrician with 27 years of experience in the electrical industry. She is driven to continue exploring and gaining an understanding of the many facets of this changing field. As part of the Herzig team, Sandy has expanded her experience to include IR scans, National Electric Code audits, and Lock Out Tag Out procedure development. A focus on LOTO is where Sandy has gained a passion for helping workers who are exposed to energy source hazards, electrical and otherwise.

Steve Killen

Safety Culture/Leadership

Steve is a respected safety culture leader, and peer who consistently builds revitalizes, and expands relationships. His passion is to guide the C-suite and leadership executives to find pathways when building long-term safety programs and practices for their employees. These initiatives increase worker productivity, build positive brand recognition, and protect the bottom line.

Trey Toliver

Arc Flash Labels/PPE/Worker Safety

Trey has always been intrigued by electricity. After finishing trade school and acquiring his Levels 1-4 certifications in industrial electricity and an Associate of Applied Sciences, he knew he wanted to do something where he can make a positive impact. Trey now works with mom & pop shops and Fortune 500 companies across the nation to discuss arc flash workplace safety hazards and the dangers associated with these deadly explosions.

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